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Hooked End Glued Steel Fiber

Steel Fiber Introduction:

In the concrete mixture,add right amount steel fiber can be mixed into a kind of special jetting as well as casting concrete,namely steel fiber reinforced concrete。compared with general concrete,

steel fiber concrete has great improvement in tensile strength, flexural strength,

abrasion resistance,impact resistance,fatigue resistance,toughness,crack resistance and antiknock performance, because large number of very minute steel fiber is evenly dispersed in the concrete and has a large contact area with concrete, therefore,concrete strength is improved in all directions and the various performances of concrete are greatly improved.

Steel Fiber Functions:

(1) greatly improve concrete bonding and tensile strength

(2) improve mechanical performance concrete

北京快乐8 (3) prevent the damage to the concrete

北京快乐8 (4) decrease the danger from crack of the concrete

(5) provide exceptional load stability and durability

Steel Fiber 北京快乐8Advantages:

(1)very suitable for high temperature  firebrick

(2)high intensity

(3)high anti-bending

(4)high solid riveting force


(6)good  comprehensive effect

The operation and the advantages of adhesion to a single comparison。

1. Directadding steel fibers to the belt,the rows of steel fiber as a whole,each of the concrete uniformly dispersed Corner
2. A water-soluble glue starts to dissolve,in a row of steel fibers in a dispersion premise,dispersed again in every corner of the monofilament fiber,showing a perspective view in the concrete of the fiber web, which play the role of an overall reinforcement.
3. Compare to the monofilament fiber,the glued steel fiber wouldn't be tied up,to ensure that the fibers in the concrete mixing does not agglomerate,distributed evenly.

Glued steel fiber refers to loose hooked end fibres glued together in a row way。 The big difference between loose and glued fibers is that the former is easy to block together and the latter is easy to disperse uniformly。 Due to excellent tensile strength, bending and shearing strength, high tenacity, resistance against the cracking, impact and fatigue, glued steel fibres widely used in building, road, bridge, tunnels, airport runway, water conservancy projects, precast, military projects, blast resistant structures, etc。

ther sizes available according to customer’s requirements.

Typical Application
Glued hooked end fibres,which ensures steel fibres are evenly dispersed in concrete, easily stirred, and  avoid agglomerate problems.Ideal for shotcrete, slabs.

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