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Hooked End Loose Steel Fiber

According Standard: ASTM A820. Type 1 (Drawn Wire)

Material:北京快乐8 Q235 / Q195


Steel Fiber Application:

Highway pavements/road overlays , Airport runways and taxiways , Bridge/tunnel/mine, Composite metal decks, Equipment foundations,   Concrete/shotcrete , Blast resitstant structures ,  Hydrodynamic structures , Railway sleeper , Industrial ground floor slabs, Dam and stabilization, Spray anchor

Commercial and residential slabs , Shock resistance structure, Cemetery/cesspool Army construction , Mix with refractory, Seismic design.

Packaging Details:

1). 20kgs/ paper bag,24tons/20"gp

2)。 1250kgs/ Bulk bag。

3). Other Packing can as per your request

Packing picturers:

Steel Fiber Advantages:

* Improved fatigue strenght and impact resistance

*Improved seismic resistance and durability

*Reduced brittleness and improved toughness

*Increased bending and shear strength

*More cost effective because of reduced concrete thickness compared to conventional concrete

*More economical and efficient because of easy construction.

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slab

*Higher bearing capacity in three dimensions

北京快乐8 *Thinner than conventional concrete

*Fewer cracks

*Higher impact resistance and fatigue resistance

*Easier operation. Less labor cost and less time consumed

*Less maintenance cost。

Performance Comparison Between Steel fiber Reinforced Concrete and Conventional concrete / Performance Analysis

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