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Dumbbell – Shaped Fiber

北京快乐8 According Standard: ASTM A820。Type 1(Drawn Wire)

HS.Code: 73269011

Material: High-quality high-speed wire (Q235)

Densiy: 7,800kg/m³



1. Metallurgical Industry

The refining outside the furnace airbrush, dipping tubes,slag dam,bag lining cover, the triangle electric furnace, furnace cover,the molten iron trench cover, the torpedo cans, coke oven door, the heating furnace of steel rolling door, furnace roof, furnace of steel rolling door, furnacxe roof, burn tsui, annular furnace baffle wall, hearth roll, forging steel furmace, steel tanks etc, items can be used for various refractory kiln linings.

2. The construction industry

Steel fiber mixed with mixes clay is rapid development of new composite materials in recent years, especially for the steel fiber concrete fastest development. Steel fiber with excellent tensile, bending, shear and crack resistance, impact resistance, resistance to fatigue, high toughness properties, are all items widely used in construction, road, bridge, tunnel, airport pavement, hydraulic harbor, military engineering, all kinds of buildings and products etc.

3. Kiln

Sintering furnace, Reduction furnace, finer, the flue, furnace burning tsui and other heat-resistant linings.

4.Petroleum chemical industry

Especially in the refining the lining of catalytic cracking units.

5.Electric power industry

Thermal power plant boiler heat resistant linings.

6.Environmental protection industry.


Package detail : In 20kg carton box , 50 boxes / Pallets.

Carton box size: 270 X 270 X 190(mm) or 550 X 210 X 140(mm)

270 X 270 X 330(mm) or 550 X 210 X 210(mm)

(Package As client’s request)

Delivery : Within 15 days after order.

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