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Steel Fiber



Corrugated Steel Fiber

Corrugated steel fiber (Milling type fiber)

According Standard: ASTM A820.Type 1(Drawn Wire)

Material: High-quality high-speed wire (Q235)

北京快乐8 Densiy: 7,800kg/m³


Product Characteristic: High tensile strength, Less content, Cost savings

Proposed Content : 20-25kg/M²

北京快乐8 Applications:

*Highway pavements / Road overlays

*Airport runways and taxiways


*Composite metal decks

*Equipment foundations

北京快乐8 *Concrete / Shotcrete

北京快乐8 *Blast resistant structures

北京快乐8 *Hydrodynamic structures

*Railway sleeper

*Industrial ground floor slabs

北京快乐8 *Dam and stabilization

*Spray anchor

*Commercial and residential slabs

*Shock resistance structure

*Cemetery / Cesspool

*Army construction

*Mix with refractory

*Seismic design

Technical advantages of our Steel fiber:

1). Improve mechanical performance of concrete.

2). Provide uniform distribution throughout concrete with excellent mixing.

3). No balling or caking by adopt correct mixing method.

Economic benefits of our Steel Fiber:

1).Replace of rebar mesh

2)。 Reduce concrete volume

3). Save construction time and cost

4).Reduce excavation volume.

北京快乐8 5).Available for jointless floor.


The projects blending the concrete steel fibre with concrete in a certain ratio will evidently strengthen bending resistance, Stretching resistance, abrasion resistance and pressure resistance, It’s widely used in highway, bridge, tunnel, Airport runway, Basic structure construction of tall building, As well as shock resistance structure and high temperature kiln stove construction.

Application photos:

Product Feature:

Bow shape in cross section, it looks like ripple outside。


1).Packing : 25kg / inner with plastic film and outside with paper bag , 40 Bags / Pallet.

2).Packing in 1250kg bulk.

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